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Is Calvin Harris’s New Song ‘Olé’ about Taylor Swift?

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Calvin Harris told us, “I write songs too”.   But, is this the actual song everyone has been waiting for?  You know…a song about the infamous break up with Taylor Swift and her quick rebound with British actor Tom Hiddleston?


Olé co-written by John Newman (26) and Harris (32) is a collaboration that was apparently recorded months before the whole heartbreaking shindig (well heartbreaking for us…and Calvin Harris).  But, that doesn’t mean recent additions to the song could not have been made.  Especially with lyrics like “I see online that you begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend” or starting the song off with “Lowkey” otherwise known as “Loki”, Hiddleston’s famous role in Thor.

Check out the song below:

Do you think it’s about Tay?

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