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Simple DIY Halloween Treats | Recipes

1. Monster Mouths
Ingredients: Apple slices, smooth peanut butter, and mini marshmallows
– Step 1: Cut up some apple slices
– Step 2: Smear peanut butter on one of the apple slices
– Step 3: Place the mini marshmallows in a line on top of the apple slice with peanut butter
– Step 4: Spread peanut butter on another apple slice, and sandwich it on top of the first one!
2. Doughnut Spiders
Ingredients: Chocolate covered doughnuts, pretzels, icing and mini M&M’s
– Step 1: Break up some pretzels in half so you have curved pretzel legs for your “spider doughnut”
– Step 2: Stick the broken up pretzels in the doughnut on either side. With mini doughnuts you will only need two pretzel pieces for legs on either sides, for regular sized doughnuts you can use up to four.
– Step 3: Put two dots of icing in the front of the doughnut
– Step 4: Use the icing as the glue for the M&M’s
Your spider doughnut is complete!
3. Cheesy Broomsticks
Ingredients: String cheese, green onion, pretzel sticks
– Step 1: Cut your string cheese into 4 smaller pieces.
– Step 2: Make slits in one of the little pieces of string cheese to create little broom like bristles.
– Step 3: Place a pretzel stick in the top of the string cheese
– Step 4: Wrap a thin piece of green onion around the string cheese and tie it

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